RightMove launches “Landlord Inteligence”


RightMove has launched a new “information” service called Landlord Intelligence with fancy Spy Themed video that shows an ere Google Streemap panorama of what you put in. After this showing off of technologies from Google Streetview and RightMove we get some RightMove data.

You can get the Average Rent Per Month for a postocde; the number of properties on the market and total number of local searches. A-Lot-Less information than that is available at Zoopla; especially if your a Zoopla Pro user.

This data does give you an idea of demand with “total searches” an indication of Tenant Demand and “properties on market” giving you an idea of how much competition you have. Not pieces of data to be ignored when looking to purchase a property in that area.

RightMove was giving away a free ebook but the message reads “Apologies, the book offer is now closed”.

Landlords looking for area Market Research as still better provided for by Zoopla.


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